If You Tweet At Work, There’s A 47% Chance Your Boss Is Ticked Off

A new survey suggests that bosses are becoming increasingly annoyed at their employees’ Twitter habits. And it doesn’t help that they think Twitter is pulling their employees away from their work during company time.

The Telegraph reports that a survey from Deal Jungle shows just how frustrated employers are becoming at their tweeting subordinates.

Nearly half – 47 percent – of bosses are frustrated by their staff using company time to tweet, and 15 percent are very frustrated by the amount of time spend Twittering away.

And bosses aren’t imagining things. Of the 500 staff surveyed, 63 percent admit to using their personal Twitter accounts on company time. And 13 percent of these were hardcore tweeters, conceding to spending at least 45 minutes a day on the network while at work.

A Deal Jungle spokesperson explained that the number of tweeting employees is likely even higher:

“Nobody likes to admit that they are slacking at work, so this figure may be much higher. Therefore it is very difficult to place an exact figure on the amount of time the average worker spends on twitter.

A conservative estimate from our research would be, generally speaking, 20 minutes is lost per employee per day to twitter. For a relatively small company with 30 employees this equates to a loss of 50 hours a week.”

So if you’re tweeting from work, you might be costing your boss some serious productivity time. Still, there are those who argue that a little recreation time – like the ability to tweet, send status updates or watch a YouTube video or two – during work hours makes for happier employees and ultimately more productivity overall.

What do you think? Should bosses be concerned by a little work-time tweeting? Or could it be a way for employees to recharge their batteries and come back to work with energy? Let us know in the comments below.

(Angry boss image via Shutterstock)

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