Twitter-Owned TweetDeck Ltd Officially Closed Down By Business Regulators

We told you it was coming, and now TweetDeck Ltd, the company behind the once super-popular Twitter client of the same name that was acquired by Twitter in 2011 for a heady $40 million, has been officially shut down by UK regulators after the firm failed to file their business accounts on time.

The accounts, which date back to 2011, surpassed their filing deadline last September, and both TweetDeck Ltd and Twitter UK were fined accordingly. While Twitter UK later filed its records, TweetDeck did not, and the company has now been struck off by the UK’s Companies House, with an official noticed published in the London Gazette announcing that TweetDeck Ltd has been “dissolved”.

TweetDeck, which was founded by programmer Iain Dodsworth in 2008, is still in operation.

“We go through a strict compliance process to try and ensure companies file documentation in a timely manner,” a Companies House spokesman told Sky News.

“Unfortunately, in a small number of cases, matters proceeded to strike off, as in this case.”

“TweetDeck the product continues to thrive as part of Twitter,” a Twitter spokesperson later told Sky News. “But the old TweetDeck company has been dormant for some time, with no outstanding liabilities; hence our agreement with the move to dissolve it.”

Perhaps. But it’s fair to say that TweetDeck today is not the TweetDeck of old, and one would have thought Twitter would have proactively shut down the company rather than let it dissolve in this manner. Still, this would appear to conclude a rather odd chain of events that started back in January.

(Source: Sky News.)