TweetComb: A Sweet Twitter App for Android Honeycomb Tablets

As far as I can tell there is only one Twitter app designed specifically for Android OS 3.x (Honeycomb) tablet devices. Fortunately, it is a very good app and I don’t fee the need to look for anything else.


If you use TweetDeck as your desktop Twitter client, you will find TweetComb very familiar. TweetComb displays three columns:

1. Timeline: Tweets of people you follow
2. Mentions: Tweets that @ you
3. Direct Messages

A line with trending topics is at the bottom of the screen. The combination of its layout, font type and size and even the color scheme works to create a very readable tweet stream on the Motorola Xoom’s display.

I noted two issues with the app:

1. The app supports multiple Twitter account. However, it only display information for the first one configured.
2. There isn’t a cancel option if you tap the Status Update (type a tweet) button.