Tweet The Super Bowl: NFL Launches a Super Bowl Hashtag

The Super Bowl represents America’s pastime in its historic sport but also in the entrenchment of business surrounding the game. Viewed by 98,000,000 viewers in 2009, and with an average 30 second advertising spot costing $3,000,000, the Super Bowl is typically the biggest opportunity for brands to make sweeping statements, and with social media on the rise, we’re seeing more and more brands dive into areas like Facebook and Twitter. This week, organized a social media campaign that utilized Twitter and Flickr to centralize social media chatter about the upcoming Super Bowl 44.

By heading over to the “Tag the Super Bowl” site, we can see that the NFL has done a great job of attempting to bring together disparate types of media, specifically tweets and Flickr photos, into one collection of SB44 related media. The patchwork of photos and tweets is very slick, and easy to navigate using the mouse. A small “tweet me” box animates in when clicked, and allows you to post a tweet about the page itself.

One of the interesting ideas here is the official “#SB44” hashtag, which is asking users to use to post their Super Bowl news. Those posts with that hashtag will get posted to this page, and it’s a very effective way for centralizing the discussion.

Interesting to note that while was in use last year for the Superbowl, used for commentary about the action surrounding the game, the page now asks players to view , where all official tweets are tweeted. There’s no doubt that the NFL is attempting to centralize their social media campaign, and in my opinion it is quite effective. The NFL twitter page highlights #SB44 and has 1.5 million followers.