3 Ways To Use Feeds To Fight Twitter Writer’s Block

How to Tweet from a Feed

If you’re trying to develop a consistent Twitter brand there are going to be days where you run into the deadly writer’s block. Don’t worry – it happens to most Twitter users. That said, consistency is one of the key elements to building a solid Twitter brand, so some days you’ll have to power through to find something to write about.

That’s where feeds can be of great help. By building a feed that includes all your favorite news sources, bloggers and content sharers, you’ll have a ready supply of topics that you can Tweet to your followers.

Listed below are 3 great feed services that make it easy to share tweets.


We couldn’t kick off this list without mentioning Buffer, who recently included feeds directly in their Twitter service. Buffer is a fast, simple way to allow users to queue up tweets in the future, and their new feeds service allows users to set up a series of incoming feeds from their favorite sources. Users can then share relevant news from these feeds with just a few clicks. Buffer has been on a roll with new services lately and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop.


Hootsuite is a tool that has a fast learning curve but a deep functionality that rewards power users. Specifically, in HootSuite a user has the ability to set up multiple feeds at any given time that consist of any variety of sources. Specifically, you can create a feed by search term, by keywords or even follow a list.

HootSuite feed customization options

This gives you a breadth of options to choose from to create a customized feed of content that will be relevant for you. Ideally you can create a stream that’s relevant to your brand that you can tap in case you’re running low on tweet content and need some inspiration.

RSS Readers

RSS is a great way to pull in data from your favorite blogs all over the web. But ever since Google Reader went the way of the dodo, RSS reader developers have been engaged in a land grab to try and build the best RSS feed tool around. From Feedreader to Newsblur, users have a ton of options to help you develop your feed. The most popular option is feedly and once you use it it’s not hard to see why – the service is visually appealing, responsive and connected.

Feedly Options

It’s simple to tweet from feedly – it’s one of the default options. If you prefer to Tweet through HootSuite or buffer, there are buttons directly on every post that allow you to use your favorite service with just a click.

Bonus: IFTTT

IFTTT (pronounced gift) loosely stands for If This Then That, and is a service that allows users to create simple automated actions across all their accounts and devices. It’s a pretty handy tool and can be extremely useful for Twitter. For instance, one of the most popular actions on the site is to Tweet directly from an RSS feed. This can be useful if you run a Twitter for a blog and want to auto-post to Twitter when the blog is posted, or if you want to post it to multiple Twitter accounts. With IFTTT the sky is the limit.


I hope one of these tools can help you start tweeting from the feed and beat that writer’s block.