TV Tuner Equipped Netbooks to Replace the old B/W Battery TVs at BBQs :-)

Dell is leading the way with high-end options like digital TV tuners and GPS options for its Dell mini 10 line of netbooks. It was only a matter of time until a well known PC TV hardware firm like Hauppauge (which I believe is pronounced “hop hog”) got around to taking on this component niche…

Hauppauge, MaxLinear to produce TV tuners for netbooks

Liliputing’s reports says that Hauppauge and MaxLinear have designed a tiny digital TV tuner mini-card that will fit nicely in most netbooks and is extremely energy efficient.

In the old days you’d often see battery powered battery TVs (now useless after the digital cutover) at BBQs, picnics and at other outdoor gatherings. Perhaps, TV tuner equipped netbooks will replace that function soon.