TV stations, automotive brands love Facebook hashtags


In June 2013, Facebook adopted a Twitter and Instagram staple by allowing hashtags to be clickable on the site. Reaction to the use of hashtags on Facebook has been mixed, but there are several brands who hashtag their posts.

Analysis by Quintly shows the top hashtag users on Facebook in the fields of automotive, hotel, politicians, TV shows and banks/financial institutions. TV and automotive pages were the highest hashtag utilizers among this group, with a Costa Rican television station actually using them most often.

Here’s the overall tally via Quintly, taking into account Facebook posts from July 1 through Dec. 31, 2013:

  • Cars & Automotive | 1380 pages analyzed | 225432 posts | 15976 hashtags used
  • Hotel | 700 pages analyzed | 75262 posts | 9678 hashtags used
  • Politician | 1109 pages analyzed | 150114 posts | 7441 hashtags used
  • TV Shows | 1294 pages analyzed | 376548 posts | 21439 hashtags used
  • Bank/Financial | 734 pages analyzed | 131893 posts | 8955 hashtags used

Among the TV show pages to use hashtags, Quintly found that Costa Rican station Teletican Canal 7 had 2 of the 3 most-used hashtags in the study, with #TD7, the station’s hashtag for sports topics being used 3,057 times in that span and #TN7, the hashtag for general news, used 2,324 times.

With cars and automotive, the other category with a high hashtag usage, #Hyundai edged out #BMW. Here’s the top 10, with the number of times the hashtag was used from July 1 through Dec. 31, 2013:

  1. #Hyundai 1953
  2. #BMW 1376
  3. #Audi 1287
  4. #Chevrolet 1047
  5. #MercedesBenz 893
  6. #Toyota 785
  7. #Renault 746
  8. #Kia 739
  9. #AMG 628
  10. #rideinluxury 616

Overall, Quintly found that South American and Indian brands, pages and politicians were the most active adopters of hashtags. For instance, the most-widely used hashtag of #Michelle refers not to First Lady Michelle Obama, but to Chilean President Michelle Bachelet.

Quintly’s Maximilian H. Nierhoff summed up the findings in a blog post:

Overall, we can now easily determine that the hashtag usage differs by pages in the analyzed categories. While automotive pages are mainly promoting their brand names and car models, pages of the predefined hotel category are trying to push partly branded hashtags with a destination focus. Politics and social media is always interesting, in this case it is kind of surprising that primarily South American and Indian politicians are focusing on pushing their names and campaigns by using hashtags.

Checking the top 10 hashtags for TV shows, South America is leading again by posting branded hashtags most frequently. Pages in the Bank/Financial category are rarely utilizing hashtags. If so, partly to promote their products or just to highlight general topic-related words.

Readers: How often does your page or brand utilize hashtags in Facebook posts?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.