Turn WebPages into Kindle, Epub eBooks with dotEpub

There are a number of tools out there that will have you save a blog post so you can read it on your eReader. Some you’ve heard about including Instapaper and ReadItLater, but one of my preferred tools is dotEpub.

This is a free to download bookmarklet type of tool. You use it by visiting the webpage that you want to save and clicking on the bookmark. Wait a few minutes and you will will be offered an eBook to download that will contain just the article and not the ads, complex formatting, or other distractions.

When it was originally released, it only worked with Epub. And yesterday I learned that the latest version could now make a Kindle eBook as well.

The bookmarklet works just as well as it did before, and it’s compatible with Safari, Firefox, and there’s even a Chrome plug-in.When you install it, you’ll have the option of picking your output format and you can decide whether to include images. If you eave them out the eBook will be smaller, but I think it wouldn’t be as much fun to read.

Website owners also have the option of adding a widget to their webpage to make it easier for readers to transfer the content to their eReaders.

You can find out more at the detEpub website.