Turn Builds Out Facebook Ad Capabilities

Adds Sponsored Stories, Marketplace ads to platform

Getting access to Facebook’s Ads API is the social advertising equivalent to getting a land grant in Manhattan. Companies granted access are able to build platforms that brands can plug into in order to advertise on the social network. Without it…well that’s more than a quarter of U.S. ad impressions those companies’ customers can’t access.

For demand-side platforms that specialize in accessing loads of inventory on advertisers’ behalves, that’s a good chunk of business, which is why so many DSPs have touted their access to the Facebook Exchange. Not only did FBX partners receive the ability to retarget users on Facebook, but they also received access to the Ads API.

Now one of those FBX partners, Turn, has built the expanded capabilities into its platform. That access means that Turn can now bid on all major Facebook ad formats—including Sponsored Stories, marketplace ads (the ones running alongside the right rail) and page post ads—not just the secondary ads that have been part of the initial FBX rollout. 

Turn actually received full access over the summer along with the other FBX partners, but kept a tight lid on the news as it tested integrating the new Facebook capabilities into its own Campaign Suite platform. Turn president and CEO Bill Demas broke down the new features into four areas: access to all major Facebook ad formats; targeting by characteristics such as age, gender, location, interests, friends of connections and dayparting; creative optimization; and custom reporting through Turn’s data management platform Audience Suite.

Digital shop Sq1 Agency tested the Facebook capabilities last month for a CPG client and saw 20 percent lower cost-per-like compared with previous Facebook campaigns run in the past year and a half through other social ad platforms, according to Brandon Bethea, chief conversion officer. By using the third-party data sources within Turn’s Audience Suite, the agency was able to “build out a more advanced audience profile” to bolster the ad targeting, he said.

Demas said Facebook is “a rising percentage” of the 50 billion impressions that pass through Turn’s platform every day, but was unable to estimate how many impressions the Ads API access should add to the mix.