Turn An Android Phone Into An iPhone 4S?

An Android phone is not an iPhone 4S, but still you can trick out an Android phone with apps to include some of the features you’ll find in the iPhone 4S. FoxNews has put together a list of six free Android  app alternatives to the iOS 5 updates.

On their list Vlingo replaces Siri, Whatsapp Messenger replaces iMessage and Postagram replaces Cards. Here is more from Fox: “Newstand Alternative: Zinio: Newsstand on iOS 5 supposedly organizes your magazine and newspaper app subscriptions, but Zinio has been around for far longer and already aggregates many of your favorite digital publications in one place. You can purchase both single issues and full subscriptions of top titles in the app, plus watch videos, bookmark content, view interactive media, and even share articles with friends. Best of all? Zinio gives you access to a sampling of the best pieces across top News, Science & Tech, Art, Lifestyle, and Entertainment magazines—for free—as soon as you download the app.”

Admittedly it’s not the same as having an iPhone, but its a nice list for Android users.