Is Tumblr Better At Social TV Than Twitter? [STUDY]

Is Tumblr Better At Social TV Than Twitter? [STUDY]

Despite Twitter’s partnerships and acquisitions in the social TV space, a new study suggests that it’s actually Tumblr that is the big social TV winner (but take that with a grain of salt, as the study was commissioned by none other than Tumblr itself).

As AdAge reports, Tumblr asked social data intelligence company Pulsar to explore the wealth of data surrounding how people use social media while watching TV.

The main finding? The volume of social TV activity on Tumblr is much higher than Twitter, if you take into consideration the five days prior to and five days following a show’s airing.

The study examined the conversation around four shows in the fall and winter of 2013: “Pretty Little Liars,” “Sherlock,” “Sleepy Hollow” and “Supernatural.” It also tracked mentions of “Malcolm in the Middle.”

They found that a full 70 percent of the conversation in the 11-day period surrounding an episode airing happened on Tumblr, with Twitter capturing just 30 percent. And while Twitter received the majority of the chatter while the show was actually airing, the volume dwindled to just 3 percent of its peak 12 hours later.

This study stands in stark contrast to another study (this time commissioned by Twitter) that shows that Twitter is extremely effective at getting users to take action while watching a TV show and tweeting.

However, all of this might be moot if the findings of a recent Nielsen study are correct. According to a survey of US internet users, only 7.3 percent say they use social media to talk about a show while watching TV.