Tumblr Now Lets You Filter Posts From Your Dashboard Based on Tags

Users of the social network can now avoid content on topics they have no interest in

Don't want to see posts on these topics? Tumblr's got you covered

Tumblr launched what it called one of its “most requested features,” giving users the ability to filter posts from their dashboard if they contain tags of their choosing.

This gives people on Tumblr the ability to avoid seeing posts on topics that do not interest them, or that they are trying to avoid for other reasons. Tumblr said in its blog post, “Trying to avoid #Star Wars spoilers? Filter them out. Need a break from all the #holiday excitement this month? Sheesh, fine. Filter it out. It’s your dashboard. Groom it well.”

Mobile users can set up tag filters by going into their general settings section and tapping “Filtering.” On the web, the Filtering section is found under account settings. Users can add as many tag filters as they want, and filters can be removed later if they change their minds.

Once tag filters are in place, users will see a placeholder in their dashboard whenever a post containing one of their filtered tags has been hidden, giving them the option to tap or click on a hidden post to make it appear.

Finally, Tumblr’s Help Center noted that tag filtering won’t apply to “advertisements, posts sent via messaging or your own posts.”