Tumblr for iPhone Dashboard Update’s Hidden Features

Screenshot courtesy of Tumblr

Tumblr’s iPhone app’s Dashboard update (without actually needing to download anything) just gets better and better. Tumblr reblogged a tip from a user (why didn’t Tumblr just tell us this stuff) about hidden (unlabeled) features in the Dashboard update…

The new iPhone Dashboard has more links than you might think

I noted yesterday that tapping a tumblog’s thumbnail image (if one is present) pops up an enlarged version of the image. Here’s other features in the Dashboard…

– Tap a subscribed tumblog’s icon and go to the original page (iPhone friendly view)
– Tap a subscribed tumblog’s name and go to the permalink for tha tpage
– Tap an empty space in the tumblog entry and you’ll see any comments other people have left about that page

Tumblr’s iPhone app went from sometimes interesting to very interesting in one component update IMHO.