Tumblr Brings Back Replies With Improved Features

The replies feature has been updated, and now allows users to reply to posts multiple times, as well as reply to their own posts.

Tumblr has announced the return of replies on its platform, following the removal of the feature a few months ago. In the process, the feature has been improved, as users can now reply to posts multiple times, and reply to their own posts.

In addition, users can see all of a post’s replies in a single place, and chat about content ‘even as it travels from Tumblr to Tumblr.’ Finally, users can customize who can and can’t reply to them within their blog settings.

Tumblr Replies

Tumblr commented on the removal and reintroduction of replies:

‘Why did they go away? Why, staff, whyyyy?’ Fair question. We had a gaggle of overlapping message-like systems—namely, asks, fan mail, reblogging with commentary, question posts (rare!), and, yes, replies. When we finally introduced actual instant messaging a couple months ago, we had a lot of untangling to do.

In order to make all these systems work together, we had to do some back-end retooling, which meant taking down replies for a bit. For longer than we expected. Sorry about that.

Tumblr said the new replies feature will roll out to users ‘over the next few days.’

Readers: Did you miss Tumblr’s replies feature while it was gone?

Featured image courtesy of Roman Pyshchyk / Shutterstock.com.