Tuberank Wants to Help You Create Viral Internet Videos

The internet is a breeding ground for cat videos, but only a few spreads with the tenacity of influenza. That’s where Tuberank comes in. The app wants to help you create viral videos, and its makers believe that it’s a calculable process.

Tuberank is an app that was spawned by Rubber Republic’s research from the LOL_Project, a study that investigated viral triggers and sharing behaviors of internet users.

TubeRank works by ranking videos according to their *conversation triggers* and *communities of interest*.   TubeRank’s algorithm then adds a layer of social data to each video (e.g. share / sentiment data), which, combined with trigger and interest data, provides an understanding of the viral behaviour of a video i.e. why a video’s shared, where it’s shared and how much it’s shared.

Using this structured video data, users can use TubeRank to make specific searches to get inspiration for what triggers conversations in particular communities.  For each specific search, TubeRank provides custom benchmarking data, tips and insight to help build a fuller viral strategy, as well as a custom downloadable report to share with colleagues and clients.



The Tuberank webapp is intended for marketers seeking viral advice, but it’s also a fun place to browse popular videos.

Via TheNextWeb