TubeMogul Introduces Free "Google Analytics For Video"

This week TubeMogul announced that they have started offering a new free and robust video analytics program to users. While publishers have access to tools like Google Analytics and Quantcast, video creators have never been offered similar analytics services – until now. TubeMogul’s InPlay video analytics, which are used by top media companies and publishers, are now free for all.

TubeMogul explains their InPlay analytics, which they are referring to as “Google Analytics for video”, on their website:

“InPlay is a video analytics service that gives you an unprecedented view of your video performance across the web. Integrating within minutes with any video player and available for activation on the web’s top video sites and platforms, InPlay tracks audience statistics and user interaction in real time.”

InPlay can be easily integrated into a variety of platforms, including Flash, Silverlight and HTML5 players, Brightcove, JWPlayer, OSMF, FlowPlayer and Kaltura. The analytics program offers a full suite of analytic features including total views and viewed minutes, top videos, viewer engagement, attention span, geographical tracking, syndication tracking, search terms, traffic sources, stream quality, and campaign reporting.

With InPlay, video content creators and publishers can integrate one of the best video analytics programs on the web into any site or player within minutes, for free. The analytics program is totally customizable and will track data by any dimension. InPlay data and reports can also be easily exported and shared via Excel, data feeds and APIs.
This great free tool from TubeMogul is instrumental in the way we analyze the success of our online video campaigns. Are you already using an analytics program to gauge video performance on the web? If not, why not check out InPlay and let us know what you think in the comments!