Tsing It Sister: Sandra Tsing Loh Gives Advice on Schools


For some reason, the LA Times doesn’t want to advertise that Sandra Tsing Loh, nationally known writer, is contributing to the School Me! blog. She’s the Magnet Yenta, which refers to magnet schools, not refrigerator decoration. FBLA stumbled upon her accidently, and wonders why her recurring advice hasn’t been vouchsafed to the voucherless. This week, she’s explaining redshirting to the parent of a just-turned-5 year old:

If it feels right for your son to start kindergarten next September, start him–in public school, if he’s five by December 2, by law he cannot be denied a place. If he wiggles more than the others, call it the richness of “diversity.” And if your hysterical parent friends complain, tell them to put a sock in it.

FBLA knows a catchphrase when we hear one. Put A Sock In It: say it loud, say it proud.