‘Truth’ Enables Users to Send Anonymous Text Messages

More consumers are looking to free themselves of real identity requirements and anonymous services like Truth are serving the demand.



Anonymous sharing services have become the social media darlings of 2014. There are a handful of startups like Secret that have raked in investment funding and received high valuations. Users are always on the lookout for new anonymous tools, though. And since the collapse of a service that allowed people to shame Instagram users anonymously, an anonymous texting tool — Truth — has emerged.

Truth is an iOS app that allows users to anonymously send text messages to their contacts. After sending a message, the other party can respond, but to an owl avatar to maintain anonymity. The app was originally going to launch with the name Secret, but they were beat to the punch, according to VentureBeat.

“There’s an appetite for this sort of anonymized messaging that traditional social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are not providing,” wrote John Koetsier on VentureBeat. That statement seems very true as services like Yik Yak balloon in popularity.

The hunger for anonymous online tools is so great that they can often buckle under the demand. Anonymous emailing service Leak received so much traffic that the creators were forced to shut it down when their servers were suspended. ProtonMail, an encrypted email project created by Harvard and MIT students, similarly maxed its server capacity in just 60 hours.

It seems that as more anonymity tools are provided, more users flock to them. The real identity constraints of services like Google+, Linkedin and especially Facebook, have users searching for ways to express themselves without tying that expression to who they really are.

Whisper attracts almost 3 billion pageviews per month, as of December 2013. This may be a squishy metric, but it shows a serious demand among users for a service that allows them to remain anonymous. Anonymity may or may not be the new privacy, but users are flocking to it anyway.