Truphone Local Anywhere SIM Card Lets You Have a Local Number in Multiple Countries

Image courtesy of Truphone

This idea gets a big thumbs up from me even though I’m not a world traveler and will probably never use it…

Truphone Local Anywhere is now available!

Here’s what it is and how it works (based on what I read in the blog item linked above and service information page linked below)…

truphone local anywhere

– You must have an unlocked GSM phone
– Purchase a Truphone Local Anywhere SIM card
– Place the SIM card in your unlocked GSM phone
– Use the card in any Truphone country – just the US and UK now with Australia, Netherlands, and South Africa to join the list later this year
– Add a local phone number for each Truphone country
– Receive calls for free on any of those local numbers – people in those countries can call you as a local call
– Outgoing calls are charged a per minute fee (looks like 8 pence)

The Local Anywhere SIM card is available in various “packs”. The lowest cost one is a Starter Pack for $24.99 that includes $15 of calling credit (outgoing).

Great idea from what I see so far. Anyone try it yet?