TRUMPED: Donald’s Twitter Privileges Should Be Revoked Over Heidi Cruz Comments

Where's the Twitter Whale when you need him?

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally at Pennichuck Middle School December 28, 2015 in Nashua, NH, USA. Trump has seen his lead in the polls slip in Iowa but still remains in the lead in New Hampshire for the Republican nomination. Photo by Dennis Van Tine/Sipa USA

Donald Trump is a very busy guy — traveling around the country, making speeches, holding rallies, doing interviews, and tweeting all the time. The man has a real penchant for sticking his foot in his mouth because he’s always tweeting something highly offensive.

However, his latest comments on Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, are more than even the media can handle.

ICYMI (you didn’t), Trump replied to a very revealing meme (via a 15-year-old photo shoot with GQ) making the rounds of his wife Melania that Ted Cruz retweeted. To which, Trump replied via the Twitter with the following:

No one is certain what he has on the competition. Many believe it was a public bout with depression Heidi Cruz has since put behind her, but there it is — a veiled threat that earned more than 35,000 likes because some people have no soul.

And now this:

In an ultra-classy move, Donald couldn’t help himself. Damn the campaign. Screw the supporters. He had to retweet this gold. Picture it: Donald rolling around on his bear rug wearing his dollar-sign Snuggie (with golden footies) snort-laughing at this thing. So, yeah, he couldn’t help himself.

Once in the ire of his chauvinistic ways, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly offered this mic drop:

And then, in an related show of solidarity, CNN’s Kate Bolduan goes all Gloria Steinem on Trump talking head Stephen Miller in a live interview. That’s when this happened:

Bolduan: “Why does Donald trump want to continue to talk about this? Because as I look at this retweet, as a woman, it’s demeaning to not only Ted Cruz’s wife, it’s demeaning to Melania Trump.”

Miller: “I think that you and I are probably just going to have to agree to disagree on this,” Miller insisted. “Not everyone is going to see eye-to-eye on things 100 percent of the time.”

Bolduan: “You endorse the retweet then?”

Miller: “Of course I endorse the decision to retweet it,” Miller replied before ranting about how his candidate is attacked by super PACs for wanting to stop “the powers in Washington, D.C.”

Bolduan: “This retweet has nothing to do with the super PAC! We will agree on one thing: put politics out of this, you and I are not going to agree on endorsing something that is demeaning to women, including Donald Trump’s wife.”

Miller: “Women want safe communities, they want better jobs, they want security, and we are going to be the best administration for women’s issues in this country.”

 Bolduan: “Women also want to be taken for more than what they look like,” Bolduan shot back. “How about this? Tell your boss to stop perpetuating this conversation and you and I can talk about important things, like maybe how he would handle the threat of terrorism.”

From there, dude probably called his boss and said something like “They got you there. I tried but I looked like an ass. What’s next?”

Our guess — probably not another CNN interview.

[PHOTO: Dennis Van Tine/Sipa USA]