TRUMPED: Boston Globe Imagines What America Would Look Like Under Donald

The deportation is coming! The deportation is coming!

This April 10, 2016 photo taken in Washington shows a woman reading an online version of a mockup of what a frontpage might look like should Republican frontrunner Donald Trump win the presidency, as it condemned his "deeply disturbing" and "profoundly un-American" vision. "Deportations to begin, President Trump calls for tripling of ICE (immigration and customs enforcement); riots continue," read The Boston Globe's fake headline, dated April 9, 2017. It was posted on the editorial page, accompanied by a ruthless editorial article saying Trump's campaign "demands an active and engaged opposition." / AFP / Karen BLEIER (Photo credit should read KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

Is this what publishing giants have stooped to in the hopes of increasing circulation and extra eyeballs? Because if it is, journalism is dead and comedy routines are the new norm.

Taking the stage, ladies and gents, is The Boston Globe.

Check out their high comedy in the form of a satirical front page, followed by a full editorial about GOP front-runner and melted Push-Up Pop Donald Trump. The focus of the piece is a take on what life would look like under the Trump presidency, on the off-chance he could even legally deliver on half of his promises.

“How about that stupid Boston Globe? It’s worthless, sold for a dollar,” Trump said during a rally Sunday in Rochester, N.Y. “They pretended Trump is the president and they made up, the whole front page is a make-believe story, which is really no different from the whole paper. … The whole thing is made up.”

In case you can’t see it that well, here’s a close-up:

trump article

Yeah, I think even the most staunch supporters can figure that out, but the PR behind it is what people should take note of. If a paper with the journalistic integrity like the Globe can afford to take a hot shot out on Trump, who else is next? Here are some notes from the stand-up routine … eh, editorial:

“[Trump’s] vision of America promises to be as appalling in real life as it is in black and white on the page. It is a vision that demands an active and engaged opposition. It requires an opposition as focused on denying Trump the White House as the candidate is flippant and reckless about securing it.”

Other notes: Yellowstone National Park would be changed to Trump National Park. Trump’s attacks on both China and Mexico would lead to a global recession. Trump’s romance novel would be called ‘A Trumping to Remember,’ and it would be yanked from the consumer’s watchful eye because it would be plagiarized from an issue of Penthouse. And, of course, Kid Rock would be U.S. Ambassador to Japan.

Good times.



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