Trouble Ensues When Brandlink Staffer Hits ‘Reply All’

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A Brandlink CommunicationsVP hit “reply all” on an email that included The Bloggess and, oh wow, now there’s a problem.

In a nutshell: Brandlink works with a pantyhose client and sent The Bloggess a pitch letting her know that Kim Kardashian was seen wearing this pantyhose brand because that is important. When The Bloggess is spammed, she sends her standard response, which drew another response from Brandlink. But then, another Brandlink VP identified as “Jose” hit the “reply all” button with the blogger included and called her a “f***g bitch.” Yowsers.

So The Bloggess be blogging and now the story is on the Internet and Brandlink has a mess on its hands.

We spoke with a partner at the firm, Carol Bell, who says Brandlink is apologizing and taking steps to handle the situation.

Bell told us over the phone that she was home sick when the s**t hit the fan, but immediately contacted the blogger to apologize for the “surface issues,” like the use of profanity.

“That’s not how we do business,” she said. “We deal with things head-on, respectfully, and honestly.” After further investigation, she said she further apologized to The Bloggess. (This is noted in the Bloggess’ post.)

Also, Bell says the firm has apologized to its clients, particularly those who may have been affected by this unfortunate incident.

However none of these mea culpas have been broadcast.

“An apology doesn’t need to be out for all people to see. To me that takes away from the sincerity,” Bell said. (Do you agree?)

Furthermore, Bell says she’s been responding to anyone who has been in touch with the firm offering “constructive criticism” while avoiding those who are on a “witch hunt.”

You’ll recall that last month, ConAgra and Ketchum got into some hot water with bloggers over a dinner switcheroo that p***d off a lot of writers. In the NY Times’ coverage of the fiasco, Deborah Silverman, head of the ethics board for the PRSA (and a previous guest columnist here), said that social media is “new territory” for publicists and that this was a learning experience, a quote that drew a few “b***s**t” responses.

Bell said that while “there’s a learning curve” for those who might be more accustomed to working with traditional media, there’s really no difference.

“That’s not an excuse for spamming,” she added.

It’s definitely not an excuse for using such gross language because you’re angry over a writer’s response.

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