Trident, Nestlé Fitness, Lipton and others among this week’s top PTAT gainers for food and beverage

Trident is this week’s top gainer among food and beverage pages for the People Talking About This metric. The page has seen almost four million additional engagements across its 11 global pages this week. The pages have over 8.5 million page likes vary in language depending on location. Coming in second this week, Nestlé Fitness makes use of global pages as well, gaining over a million engagements for the week.

Out of the top 10 gaining pages this week, half have adopted global pages. Two are region specific outside of the U.S. and the last three are U.S. based.

We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

#NamePeople Talking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth 
1   Trident4,023,229+8,926+3,993,619
2   Nestlé Fitness1,070,174+1,855+1,069,782
3   Lipton201,952-4,598+198,744
4   Starbucks Korea175,024+17,467+170,877
5   McDonald’s España131,688+13,050+129,766
6   Red Bull424,768+37,233+121,646
7   Twix134,244+17,078+89,768
8   Baskin-Robbins158,1980+87,171
9   Dr Pepper310,841+19,030+84,833
10   Antarctica229,652 -6,416+81,368

At No. 3 on the list, Starbucks Korea has gotten more than 175,000 PTAT engagements. This is impressive considering the page has just over 137,000 Likes. The U.S. Starbucks page has over 33 million Likes, but only 81,000 PTAT. A key factor in the Korean page’s increase is the use of Facebook Questions.

An often neglected post type, Facebook Questions are a lightweight engagement and count towards a page’s PTAT. With a clear call to action, pages looking to improve upon their page’s engagement could benefit from using Facebook Questions. It is also possible to buy Page Post Ads which would increase engagement with Questions as well.

For other pages in the top 10, McDonalds España distributes coupons through links, Red Bull posts pictures of extreme sports which lead to viral shares and Twix uses a playful tone and creates photos highlighting the candy bar.

Visit PageData to see more about the top talked about food and beverage pages as well as other categories.