Tribune to Launch Political Mag on Kindle


Tribune Media Services just announced the launch of a new political commentary magazine called Opinionated: Voices and Viewpoints on America and the World. What’s notable is that the weekly magazine will be distributed exclusively on the Amazon Kindle, the company’s eBook reader.

The first issue is currently available on a free trial and subscription basis on Amazon. Opinionated will be published weekly on Mondays and will cost $.49 an issue and $1.49 for a monthly subscription.

The Kindle is the only eBook reader with cellular data capability, so we can see why it’s attractive as a weekly magazine dispenser—but it’s also a risky move, given the limited market. The pricing is on the low side for a weekly, however.

According to the announcement, Opinionated will draw material from columnists syndicated by Tribune Media Services, on “domestic and international politics, economics, world affairs, social issues, pop culture and other topics. The lineup includes Ian Bremmer, Nathan Gardels, Jonah Goldberg, Carl Hiaasen, Arianna Huffington, Jesse Jackson, Garrison Keillor, Paul Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Clarence Page, William Pfaff, Leonard Pitts, Cal Thomas, and Jules Witcover among many others.”

TMS said that they’re working on launching several other magazines for the Kindle on topics including personal finance, travel, food and popular culture.