Triana Global Offers Facebook Developers $0.15 Guaranteed CPMs

For Facebook application developers looking for a way to monetize unsold inventory, Sydney, Australia-based social ad network Triana Global is guaranteeing floor CPM and CPC rates for new developers willing to try its networks. App developers can choose between two offers:

  • $0.15 USD CPMs on standard banner sizes
  • $0.08 USD CPCs on standard banner sizes

Current apps on the Triana network include Friends Finance, Private Photo Gallery, and Friend Wheel, so you can check them out to see what kind of ads Triana Global is running.

“For publishers that take the CPC option of $0.08, they normally end up getting eCPM’s of around $0.50, with some of our publishers over $3.00 eCPM. The $0.15 CPM is great for publishers whose CTR is less than 0.2%, but is still looking for some good payouts,” says Triana’s Nabil Naghdy.

The offer is good on all global traffic, and is similar in price to guarantees from other ad networks we’ve seen in the past, like Lookery and Platform-A, but with fewer restrictions. However, like all ad networks, developers should see what works best for their particular application.

Triana also works with app developers on MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, Friendster, and Orkut.