Travel photography app Picfari launches on Android, looks to capitalize on international market

Travel photography application Picfari has announced an expansion from iOS to Android, giving more users a chance to document their travels via mobile pictures, and share those pictures, locations and other data with friends and strangers alike.

First launched on iOS in March, Picfari has experienced slow growth with just over 3,000 downloads. With the launch on Android, Picfari hopes the larger market share of Android smartphones outside the US will help the app grow with international users.

“Most travelers are using their phones to take pictures while on vacation,” says Scott Herr, co-founder of Picfari, via a company release. “The launch of our Android app opens the door to a whole new market of mobile users who want a seamless way to take, store, and share travel pictures. Picfari is the only app out there that makes the process so simple for the user, and we’re thrilled to share it with the Android community.”

Picfari on iOS and Android allows users to browse cities, national parks and other geographic locations, making notes of locations they might like to travel to in the future. For instance, someone traveling to Yellowstone National Park could use Picfari as a checklist of stops for their own trip to take their own “matching” pictures.

The Picfari mobile app is an extension of the website, which offers full functionality, including image uploads and community features. Back in the app, users can view data from photos imported from Flickr, for instance, while also reading FAQs containing photography tips or browsing Picfari photobooks located closest to them.

Picfari is available to download for free on iOS. The Android app will launch on August 1. Users wishing to learn more about the app can visit the community’s official website.