Travel companion app Desti updated with vacation rentals, better road trip planning

Image via Desti

Travel companion app Desti has been updated with a variety of new features, making planning road trips and vacations easier for users on iPad. The app now offers a new “Plan-on-Map” feature, which makes planning road trips easier, while also introducing users to unique restaurants or landmarks that drivers may otherwise miss.

[contextly_sidebar id=”b7da8d1c3628ffbd78140929ce5c0a01″]The Plan-on-Map feature allows users to plug in their starting and ending locations, and then marks interesting locations, with distance markers showing users how far off the planned route they’d have to travel, and how to get back again.

The app allows users to search for vacation rentals from HomeAway and VRBO, while filtering their search results based on a variety of factors, from “great for kids” and “wi-fi” to proximity to interesting attractions. These rentals are shown alongside reviews and availability toggles, and users can contact the owners of each rental directly through the app.

Once a trip has been planned, or a base trip template has been created, users can share their trips via the app’s new Plan Together feature. Desti compares this to sharing a Google Document, as users can share trips with friends to get their input. As users complete trips, the app saves their travel history and recommends new locations.

Finally, a “Been There” feature allows users to view locations their friends have visited, and leave notes on their activity.

“Since launching Desti nationally in July, we have been inundated with user requests for more support in planning road trips as well as requests for new content like restaurants and vacation rentals. There’s nothing we like better than satisfied users  — this release is for them,” said Desti CEO Nadav Gur, in a company statement. “Desti is making the vacation planning process easier by searching through the millions of travel sites on the web and aggregating content into one place. These new updates take the pain out of planning and replace it with an engaging travel discovery experience.”

Desti is now available to download for free on iPad. Check back soon to follow Desti on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.