Trains, Butterflies, and Diamonds on This Weeks List of Fastest Growing Facebook Games by DAU

This week’s top 20 Facebook games by daily active users is a good mix of brand new titles and some older games on the rise. Leading the pack is Wooga’s Diamond Dash, which also led the charts this week in terms of monthly active user growth. According to AppData, our service for analyzing the growth of the top Facebook games, the game grew its DAU by 84% this week and does not appear to be slowing its pace any time soon.

Other older familiar titles on this week’s list include Monster Galaxy (Gaia’s Pokemon-inspired pet battling game), Ninja Saga, Jersey Shore, and Car Town. These games all made rather small increases percentage-wise, but were substantial enough to beat out many of the newer titles. Crowdstar’s It Girl was a top game of 2010 that has been declining as of late, but still has been holding on to its status as a top 20 game for both DAU and MAU.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Diamond Dash484,933+221,221+84%
2. Video Galerisi150,227+149,354+17,108%
3. Monster Galaxy820,249+92,712+13%
4. Daily Horoscope1,580,182+77,476+5%
5. 開心水族箱1,204,541+72,977+6%
6. TrainCity95,233+64,782+213%
7. แฮปปี้เบบี้62,095+54,037+671%
8. Ninja Saga1,029,668+50,258+5%
9. Flutter49,221+46,798+1,931%
10. Angry Animals45,632+45,628+1,140,700%
11. Okey Kenti60,678+45,214+292%
12. Zombie Lane251,282+43,530+21%
13. Komşu Çiftlik763,649+31,945+4%
14. Jersey Shore160,914+27,606+21%
15. It Girl1,134,156+27,553+2%
16. Car Town1,062,394+25,671+2%
17. Boss Vegas26,282+25,326+2,649%
18. Social Empires119,718+21,879+22%
19. Okey770,025+17,837+2%
20. Happy Hospital272,296+17,276+7%

Flutter, developed by Runaway Games, is not a new game. We covered the title when it launched last August, and thought it was an interesting foray into virtual space decoration and education. In Flutter, the player navigates a lush rainforest as a butterfly, learning about the ecosystem and the natural life that calls the rainforest home. Players have their own home ‘grove’ to decorate any way they like, and there is a small world to explore that gives XP and resources needed to access more of the game. It’s a rather simplistic game with an artistic aesthetic that is pleasing and relaxing to play. When first launched, Flutter failed to make any sort of impression whatsoever. The game has just now getting lift-off after being available for play for 8 months, and has gained over 45,000 DAU in the past week.

Train City by LIFO Interactive launched in December of last year. When we reviewed it, we thought it was a well-polished addition to the growing collection of train games on Facebook. Train City contains all of the pieces of the puzzle to making a decent Facebook game: a whimsical art style, easy to learn gameplay, and a compelling game loop that is familiar. Many game elements were borrowed from other games such as contracts (conductors in Train City), tax collection, and population growth. All in all, Train City feels like a very solid game that is on the rise after hovering around 200,000 MAU for several months.

The data in this post comes via AppData, our data service tracking growth and trends across the Facebook platform.