Tracking User Conversations Across the Web attempts to take search engines to the next level of technology by tracking user conversations across the Internet. What? Well, the creators of this website realize that while much of web content comes from written sites and texts, the next generation is bringing web content in the form of Internet conversation: blogs and social media.Eventually, wants to be the meeting point that people go to check out blogs or social media sites on one particular topic. Their search engine does this by converting the discussions into web pages and then into tag clouds.

From trying out a few different searches, it appears the difference in this search engine is that it allows you to specify your search by category: social mentions, discussion points, wikis, networks, microblogs, podcasts, video, images, web, and a few other mentions. It also then gives you the option for links, keywords, and conversations for your results.

However, it was a very overwhelming presentation. It took a few searches to truly understand some of the additional benefits this website offers over just a normal Google or Yahoo search. Further, some of the searches did not yield the results they should have (such as for podcasts).

This website is a unique idea that seems to be on the right track for the next technology, but the presentation and functionality seem to still be under construction.