TrackBot: The Trakzor Competitor

One of the most popular posts on my blog has been my article about the Trakzor application. Trakzor enabled you to view visitors to your profile. A similar application, TrackBot, has just launched and provides even more features. The coolest aspect of this application is that all visits to your profile page are successfully tracked. It’s almost like a Google analytics of Facebook. The only difference is the factors that TrackBot tracks. You can view statistics regarding the total number of visits, the number of visits by gender, the number of your friends that visit and anonymous visits as well. This application is a really useful tool and I think the developers did an excellent job on this one. The one downfall of this application is the massive ad that is displayed at the bottom of the page. Literally half of the page is filled by an ad for the Post Secret application. Not a serious problem but it is somewhat distracting. If you want to get your profile traffic statistics, go grab the TrackBot application.