Track the Presidential Race and Predict Winners

politico_logoFor those of us living in America, the race for the White House is in full swing. It will be impossible to watch the news from this point forward without having politicians shoved in our faces. In case you can’t get enough on the boob tube, there’s even more on the Web. Growing at lightening speed is Politico. According to Alexa data, the less-than-a-year-old Website is currently ranked at around 10k.Follow the campaign trail, learn about where the candidates stand and get the latest political headlines. Aside from text, there is plenty of multimedia available on the site. You’ll find reported pieces via video, the type you’d expect from CNN – to audio and video slideshows – including one of politicos crying.

And it wouldn’t be Web 2.0 without a forum, bunches of blogs and a healthy smattering of citizen journalism.

With the help of, Politico has launched Kingmaker, a community/game where users can predict primary winners and what percentage of the race they’ll take. You can also debate other registered users and win “Politico Cred.” There are weekly prizes as well as a grand prize trip to the White House Correspondent’s dinner.

Owned by the Capitol News Company, LLC, the site’s publisher, Robert L. Allbritton, is part of the family behind the now defunct Washington Star. Also available is The Politico in Print, free in the Washington D.C. area and $200 a year for domestic subscribers.

By all accounts, this looks like the site that all of the major news organizations wished they built. A clean design seems as though Politico will satisfy audiences both young and old. Whether you’re a disinterested political novice or a seasoned vet, you might as well embrace the ’08 election now, cause they’ll be no escape.