Track Friends Travel Plans With Dopplr

If you frequently travel for business, you need more then just a little pillow for the plane ride: you need Dopplr.dopplrThe social networking site lets users share your travel plans with the people you choose. It is useful in letting your friends know your whereabouts and to coordinate with friends and business associates located in the area of your travel destination.

Just launching for public consumption, the site already has a large following. Aside from its usefulness, Dopplr also makes an effort to be simplistic and clean.

Since Dopplr is completely invitation-based, you must electronically invite other travelers to see and interact with your information. Once approved, you may both view each others details. The general public will not see your details. That’s a good thing. Who needs your nosey neighbors or would-be robbers knowing that you’ll be out of town for the next four days? The number of invitations you can send is limitless.

Dopplr works on your personal computer and mobile phone, staying in-step with many online calendars as well as social networks. Any URL you supply to Dopplr with the hCalendar format embedded will be added to your calendar.

Dopplr is also working on a tool that will measure the impact of your travels on the environment. You will then have the option to purchase carbon credits against your travels in an effort to be carbon neutral!

Using the system is easy. You can get a detailed text walk through here.