Track Conversations On Twitter With @Conweets

After recently noticing a certain someone interacting with another certain someone on Twitter you . . . have questions. Snoopy questions. And you wonder just how often these two connect and what they talk about.

So you scroll through one (or both) of their twitter streams and begin your search. And then you happen upon some back and forths after expanding @mentions . . . and it’s all very tedious, really – so you eventually give up.

Well, despair not super snoopers! There’s a new (free) service that you’re going to love.

The snooperiffic service is called Conweets and it was just launched last month by two computer science undergrads, Arijeet Mukherjee and Ayush Chaudhary .

What does it do? Once you enter the handles of two users, Conweets will display conversations between them.

And here’s how it looks:

Ayush Chaudhary tells us, “We track tweets as old as 3200 tweets. But in some cases we may even be able to track conversations which contain older tweets. It depends on how frequently the two people involved in the conversation tweet.”

And you can also view all conversations of a single user. If you entered a single handle, a list of all conversations that person has had with others will be shown. Click on any of the conversations to view them!

Also? The entire conversation page includes social sharing options, so with a click of a link your viewers can see the same conversation you found without logging in themselves.

So what do you think of this conversation finder? Will you be using it?
(Snoop image from Shutterstock)