Track Anything and Share Data With Track-n-Graph

track-n-graphFree Web-based tracking service Track-n-Graph lets you track, graph, and share information on the Web. You decide what you want to track, how you want the data collected, and how you share the results.Currently in beta release, the site lets you track anything, but offers templates to get you started. Among the options:

Track little Aidan’s progress has he grows 2 inches in a month; calculate your BMI (note the spike after the Super Bowl!); track odometer readings versus gas purchase to analyze your car’s fuel efficiency.

Other uses could include setting financial budgeting goals, counting Website visits or creating a friend counter for social networks.

All of the data collected can be shared with groups of your choosing.

The interface is user-friendly, allowing users to add and update data quickly. Results are returned via colorful graphs.

Data can be entered from mobile devices as well.

The Track-n-Graph service is free if you opt for the $24.95 USD per year or $5 USD per tracker.