Glu Mobile’s Toy Village Lets Players Grow Plastic Produce on iOS

Glu Mobile has launched it latest free-to-play iOS title, Toy Village. The publisher, which has made a name for itself with top grossing action-adventure games like Contract Killer and Gun Bros., is hoping to finally have a hit on the casual side with a younger and more female demographic.

In Toy Village, players build a town made of plastic toy buildings, farm plots, and other features central to the FarmVille-style simulation genre. As a toy puppy named Patch, players start out by constructing farming operations, which turn out crops such as strawberries and blueberries, rewarding them with Boodle (coins) at specific intervals from a few minutes to several hours.

Players can spend these coins on planting more crops and placing buildings, which add to the village’s population and generate more revenue. Businesses produce items which can be sold for Boodle. Gems, the game’s premium currency, can speed up the production of crops and items, hasten construction and increase the level of buildings, making it possible for them to produce better products. Gems can also be spent on expanding the amount of land players have at their disposal.

Experience points are awarded when players accomplish tasks. Once players level up, they gain access to more advanced buildings, crops and items to purchase. There are missions for players to complete as well, which have them plant a certain number of crops, build certain businesses and so on. They receive gems, Boodle, and experience for completing these missions. Certain buildings produce toy bits that can be turned into Boodle at factories.

Social aspects of Toy Village enable players to visit their friends’ villages. This is made possible by Game Center as long as friends use Apple’s social gaming platform and have Toy Village on their devices, players can visit and send and receive gifts.

Toy Village for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is monetized through in-app purchases of gems and Boodle using real money. According to App Store data, the current best-selling in-app purchase is 2,000 Boodle for $1.99. Available purchases extend up to 2,000 gems for $49.99 and 260,000 Boodle for $99.99.

You can follow Toy Village’s progress using AppData, our tracking service for mobile games and developers.