TouchStudio v1.1 beta for Windows Phone: More Sensor Access, Better Screenshots

Less than a month ago I learned about a Microsoft Research project that lets a Windows Phone user develop software for the phone right on the phone. It provides a reasonably simple scripting language that can perform very interesting tasks such as reading and responding to the phone’s sensors, performing calculations, and creating graphics.

Microsoft Research TouchStudio Makes Windows Phone a Game Changing Platform: Prepare to be Amazed

TouchStudio was just updated to version 1.1 beta and is available for free for Windows Phone.

TouchStudio (Microsoft Research product site)

Version 1.1 provides a number of interesting enhancments:

– Better auto-completion in the expression editor (the editor is on the phone itself)
– Access to accelerometer, location, maps, translation services, web search, tile customization, charting, and more
– The ability to take screenshots of your code and results. This was availble to a lesser degree in v1.0

Taking a screenshot of a TouchStudio app is now available as an easy to select option. You can see a screenshot of one of the demo apps I ran here.

TouchStudio for Windows Phone is the most exciting development I’ve seen for the platform. Its real power will be exposed when multitasking comes to Windows Phone with the Mango update expected later this year.