Touching Room App Harnesses Powerful Touching Emotion of Homesick E.T.

Childhood movies come and go, but E.T. will always stay in my heart. For me, the most memorable aspect of the E.T. creature was his ability to feel and touch, and likewise, the children’s connection to him via touch. Which, gets completely lost in today’s cellular connections and cold touchscreens. Even if your phone lets you phone home, where’s all the magic touching?

Well, there’s an app for that. The app, called Touch Room, does nothing but let you touch another smartphone user, albeit without the magical healing power of E.T.  To start touching, just open your own touching room and seek out another user’s finger… if two fingers meet in the dark ether of cellular signals, the phones vibrate. It’s probably the most warm, fuzzy feeling you will get from a smartphone interaction without having to watch E.T., but who wants to do that? Open this video on your desktop and start touching another loved one using your phone.

via Wired