Topical: Cold & Flu Companion free iPhone App Not Compatible with 1st gen iPod touch

Like many people I’ve been tracking the status of the H1N1 Flu (link to U.S. CDC site). So, I decided to take a look at the Zicam sponsored free iPhone app…

Cold & Flu Companion (iTunes App Store)

First things first: As far as I can tell, this app does NOT run on a 1st generation iPod touch with the current 2.2.1 firmware. The icon doesn’t even show up on its screen. However, the app did show up and run on my iPhone 3G.

The two app features most of us are probably most interested in are its news and local risk level components.

1. News: This appears to be an RSS feed reader that searches for the keywords “cold”, “flu” (influenza), and “Zicam”. It is very very slow. In fact, it is so slow (on a WiFi connection) that I thought it didn’t work for a while.

2. The local cold/flu status situation is tied to a Zipcode. The app can use the iPhone’s location feature to find your locale. You can also type in a Zipcode to check the status of another location (some place you might visit soon, for example).

I found the app’s limited information to be only slightly useful. It will probably get removed within the next day or two unless I change my opinion of the app.

And, I hope Zicam doesn’t tweet-spam me after I post a link to this blog item on Twitter 🙂

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