The Top Twitter Trends Of 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

2013 was a big year for Twitter. We saw a royal baby take over the Twittersphere, and scandals like the NSA revelations blow up overnight.

So what were the most popular trending topics on Twitter in the past year?
From new babies to tragic deaths, celebrity gossip to sharks, the top Twitter trends of 2013 are as diverse as the 231.7 million active Twitter users worldwide.

Yahoo took a look at the top trending topics on Twitter in 2013, drilling down to each country to see what trended and where.

In the US, the most popular topic was the #GovernmentShutdown – one of the top news stories of the year focusing on the US government’s failure to pass a budget, and resulting in it shutting down for several days.

Other countries seemed to focus more on pop references, like Australia’s #TaylorTicketBump Taylor Swift giveaway, or Japan’s #balus, the final word from the anime movie Castle in the Sky.

The infographic below looks at a total of 17 countries and their respective 2013 top trending topic, and includes a quick look at global trending topics as well. Take a look:

(Source: Yahoo)