Six Earth-Friendly Social Networking/Media Sites

On April 22, the whole world joins hand in celebrating Earth Day 2009. And we don’t have to tell you anymore how important this day would be. Environmental issues continue to confront all of us everyday. Despite the efforts by environmentally conscious individuals the fact still remains – the Earth we all inhabit is in danger of collapsing anytime now. Unless we do something to prevent it from happening. As our own little way of promoting awareness to the environment, and as a celebration of Earth Day, here are some of the earth-friendly social networking/social media sites that we – This site is a general site not focusing on making human lives better. But it put especial emphasis on green projects including “End Dependency on Oil” and “Stop Global Warming”. But aside from a site with environmental advocacy, is also a vibrant community of Environmentally-aware individuals interacting with each other in learning ways to mitigate the environmental degradation the Mother Earth is experiencing right now. If is Twitter, all you have to do is to answer the basic question – What Do You Want To Change? -Launched sometime in 1998, the site has grown into more than 8 million members already. It’s a 100% green community site composed of members who have the desire to contribute to the welfare of the environment. Not only is a community site but it is one enriched with features all relating to what we can possibly to take care of the environment. The site features – causes and news, community and sharing, taking environmental actions and more. – This site wants to mobilize the same people who are inhabiting the earth to protect it from meeting a disastrous ending. Through various environmental campaigns and programs, the site has become one of the premiere environmental sites around. The site aims to build the public mandate for the resolution of global warming. The site allows you to get involved with their advocacy as well as to connect with other people who share the same concern with the environment.

RiverWired – Here’s another simple and yet environmentally-focused social community site. RiverWired is devoted to helping people to act in making the world a greener and better place to live in. It’s got earth-friendly news, entertainment features and a vibrant commnity. RiverWired is composed of the best writers, bloggers, videographers, photographers and filmakers.

TreeNation – What better way of saving the environment but through planting of trees. This site lets you make all your actions count. It also allows you partake of tree planting activities and watch your tree grows together with other environmental enthusiasts.

Celsiascom – what started us as an environmental blog has improve to become a social networking site for individuals fighting climate change. It helps you to combat climate change and advocate green living towards a better future for all of our young kids.