Facebook, Google+ And Twitter: What Are The Top Brands In Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Which social network is best for your brand?

Twitter, Facebook and Google+ offer unique features for businesses of all sizes, and there are pros and cons for brands and marketers on each platform. Social media statistics gurus Socialbakers took a closer look at the top brands and media outlets using social media, and discovered that popularity on one platform doesn’t always equate to success on another.

As you may expect Facebook dominates both total fans and fan growth as we enter 2012, with an audience over ten times the size of Twitter (which itself is over 20 times the size of Google+, although the latter is showing legs in some areas, such as tech and news), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s right for everyone. Indeed, and with the exception of YouTube, it’s notable how many of the brands in this survey have failed to match their success across all of the social channels.

Bottom line? There’s a place for every type of business within social media, but some brands will fair better on one network than they will on another. The tricky part is knowing which channel is right for you, and that can only really come through trial and error.

(Source: Social Bakers.)