Top 50 Missing Films: 49 Lost and 1 Fake Gay Jesus Movie


Film Threat’s list of the Top 50 Missing Films is a bit of a stretch, according to professional archivists. Members of the Archive of the Moving Image Assoc. list-serv took exception to the one ringer in the list:

Him (1974, USA). This X-rated film about a gay man’s homoerotic obsession with the New Testament was detailed in the 1980 book “The Golden Turkey Awards” by the Medved Brothers–whether they saw the film or just read about it was uncertain. No copy is known it to exist, and only an advertisement from the film’s original New York run has turned up.

The film never existed, and the Medved brothers have all but admitted as such.

Otherwise, the omissions of Neptune’s Daughter and Lon Chaney vehicle London After Midnight are noted.