Top 5 Reasons Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Hashtags Work So Well

Late Night extraordinaire Jimmy Fallon has hit upon a winning strategy for entertaining his viewers — and like many explosive fads these days, it comes from Twitter. Fallon has started releasing the “Late Night Hashtag” and reading out funny tweets that use it. And as the Huffington Post noted, Fallon’s Twitter feature is quickly becoming one of the most entertaining parts of Late Night. Here are the top 5 reasons why his “Late Night Hashtag” concept is a smash hit.

1. Right person, right time. These days, it’s always the right time to talk about the ever-expanding Twitter, but Twitter topics become a lot more credible when the right person is talking about them. Jimmy Fallon is the perfect person to introduce a comic hashtag feature to late night television. Last summer, Jimmy Fallon introduced tweeting at the Emmy Awards, and so he has some street cred in the innovative-Twitter department.

2. It puts hashtags in conversation format. One of the beauties of Twitter is that though tweets are short and its online conversations are concise, they open the door for conversations in so many other formats. Late Night Hashtags turn tweets into television conversation starters. Making something worth laughing and talking about is one of the simplest, most effective aspects of this tool.

3. It finds the humor in everyday tweets. This week, the Late Night Hashtag was #SoEmbarrassing. Last week, it was #BeachFail. The concept uses people’s everyday experiences — some of them unfortunately relatable — to make everyone laugh.

4. You can explain the concept in one sentence. The best things in life are simple…or are the best things in life free? In any case, using Twitter to entertain online and television audiences is both a cost-effective way to use media. Hashtags are becoming hugely popular — and usually funny — ways of introducing ideas on Facebook, in e-mails, and in person

5. Inexhaustible source of material. The fifth — and maybe the most powerful — reason for the Late Night Hashtag’s success is the fact that once Jimmy Fallon posts a hashtag, millions and millions of people have the power to respond. And the unpredictability factor — that neither NBC nor Jimmy nor anyone has the power to control the content that comes in — means that the funniest of tweets are liable to arrive on the show’s doorstep at any moment in time.

Jimmy Fallon may already have it made with a well-established Late Night routine, but the triumph of his Late Night Hashtags idea is based on simple premises that any entertainer, entrepreneur, or communicator can use.