Top 5 Most Searched for Words

Have you ever wondered what words are the most looked up in a dictionary? It’s a small thing, but earlier today I was asked for my opinion on a dictionary app. As I was trying the app I began to wonder what words did people need help on the most.

After a little bit of research, I found three dictionary websites that offer a top five list. (I also found a half dozen that don’t offer a list.) The lists did not show what I expected.  If the three lists, there are 14 words that show up once each and only one word that shows up twice (insidious).

I expected more overlap, frankly. But the  diversity is fascinating. These are not easy words, and there are 2 that I actually had to think about before I was sure i knew what they meant.

How many of the words can you define (without looking them up)?

According to

And here is a list from Merriam Webster:

And here is a third list, this one from

image by noricum

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