Top 25 MySpace Games for Febuary 2009

The MySpace numbers are also in for February! Here are the Top 25 MySpace games as of February 2, 2009:

As you can see, there are new faces this time around as the lower tiers of the charts continue to shift and churn. Furthermore, the Top 10 applications still remain strong, but it is likely that changes there will also occur soon.

  • Curiously, and as with last month, Zynga‘s Mafia Wars is growing at a slightly faster rate than the #1 Mobsters. While the gap between #1 and #2 is still pretty wide, it would be far from surprising should Mafia Wars take the top spot in the app gallery sometime soon.
  • YoVille worked its way back up towards the Top 10, coming in at the #12 spot with a gain of 441,879 users.
  • Beyond YoVille knocking almost half the list down a peg, Fashion Wars and Pirates – Rule the Carribean! swapped places as the swashbuckling title gained a mere 8,003 new users, compared to Fashion’s 128k.
  • Two new titles also showed up this time around: Coming in at #23 was Overdrive with it’s “Fast and the Furious” concept. However, spotted at #21 was a new title called “Cheers!!” Don’t let the name fool you, because anyone that has been following Facebook games might recognize the “Drunk-o-Meter” in this app. Strikingly similar to Pass A Drink on Facebook, is it not? Should that be the case, then it can be expected that this app will rise very quickly.

In the end, Zynga is still the dominant developer on MySpace, as the RPG genre is certainly the most popular here. However, this month has shown that new titles can make there way up the rankings, and while there hasn’t been a major shift in the Top 10 as of yet, it is unlikely that it will stay that way forever.

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