Top 25 Facebook Apps January 2013

The Facebook-owned mobile photo sharing app Instagram is the No. 1 most popular app in terms of monthly active users logging in with Facebook.

One year ago, Instagram had only 3 million Facebook-connected MAU. Now it has more than 44.8 million MAU, first taking the No. 1 spot on Dec. 29, as it surged and FarmVille 2 and TripAdvisor™ declined.

Off-Facebook integrations, including web, mobile and desktop apps, have gained significantly over the past year. Eleven of the top 25 apps exist completely outside of the Facebook chrome, and five of Zynga’s games on the list have versions that are playable on rather than Facebook.

Games and apps within the Facebook canvas don’t dominate the charts as they did in year’s past. For example, one year ago Static HTML: iframe tabs was the No. 1 app with more than 58 million MAU. That app isn’t even in the top 25 any more after Facebook eliminated the option for pages to set custom apps as the default landing tab.

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1.  Instagram44,808,894
2.  FarmVille 243,500,000
3.  TripAdvisor™34,293,922
4.  Texas HoldEm Poker34,000,000
5.  Microsoft Live26,000,000
6.  I want to add your birthday25,500,000
7.  Spotify24,600,000
8.  Candy Crush Saga23,500,000
9.  Bing23,300,000
10.  schoolFeed23,100,000
11.  I want to add your birthday22,800,000
12.  Yahoo! Social Bar22,300,000
13.  Diamond Dash21,600,000
14.  Samsung Mobile21,500,000
15.  ChefVille20,900,000
16.  Pinterest20,500,000
17.  Bubble Safari19,400,000
18.  Bubble Safari Ocean19,100,000
19.  Scribd17,800,000
20.  Dragon City17,600,000
21.  Skype17,200,000
22.  Bubble Witch Saga16,700,000
23.  Nokia16,700,000
24.  CityVille 215,900,000
25.  Static Iframe Tab15,400,000