Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages: Harry Potter, TV, Zynga and Rihanna — and Wikileaks

There was definitely an eclectic mix of on our list of Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages this week, one that we compile based on data from our PageData service, which counts the number of Likes added to a Page each day. The collection ranged from regular additions of music, TV and movies to food like Oreos to media like Wikileaks. It took between 406,000 to 985,900 Likes to make our list this week.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. Harry Potter 11,597,755 +985,914 +9.29
2. YouTube 24,314,380 +724,219 +3.07
3. Shrek 3,138,928 +720,927 +29.82
4. Wikileaks 839,869 +654,308 +352.61
5. Rihanna 18,224,311 +615,614 +3.50
6. SpongeBob SquarePants 14,319,507 +613,320 +4.47
7. Disney 14,500,181 +595,708 +4.28
8. The Simpsons 16,096,374 +592,340 +3.82
9. Facebook 29,541,491 +574,602 +1.98
10. Red Bull 13,895,524 +557,672 +4.18
11. Texas Hold’em Poker 29,403,462 +553,931 +1.92
12. Eminem 23,155,532 +551,641 +2.44
13. MTV 11,904,609 +542,356 +4.77
14. Coca-Cola 20,322,433 +541,812 +2.74
15. Shakira 16,004,534 +517,518 +3.34
16. Discovery Channel 1,409,636 +497,565 +54.55
17. ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas 1,045,407 +440,976 +72.96
18. Oreo 15,646,936 +417,592 +2.74
19. Katy Perry 14,819,462 +407,458 +2.83
20. Usher 10,083,065 +406,056 +4.20

Wikileaks has the most notable Page. It grew by 654,300 Likes to reach 839,900 this week, the fourth-most out of any on our list. The site, in case you haven’t read the news in weeks, has been busy sharing leaked government documents. While other technology companies are, for unclear reasons, blocking Wikileaks, some web sites, including Facebook, have not. The company appears to be holding that line.

There was a small group of movies on our list this week. The “Harry Potter” Page added more than 985,900 Likes to make number 1on our list this week, coming in just over 11.5 million. The movie has been out for a while now and continues to rake in the money at the box office. Third place went to “Shrek” which added 720,900 Likes to the Page; the franchise has recently been promoting a set of DVDs and Blu Rays for the upcoming holiday season. Consequently, the Page added 720,900 Likes to reach a total of 3.1 million. In seventh place was Disney, which added 595,700 Likes to bump up to 14. 5 million; the company’s recent release, “Tangled,” has also been extremely successful in theaters.

An assortment of tech companies were on our list this week as well.

YouTube came in second place after adding 724,200 Likes to its 24.3 booty. Facebook was ninth with 574,600 new Likes after a week in which CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared on the show “60 Minutes” and former President George W. Bush participated in a life chat. Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker came in at number 11 with 553,900 new Likes and passing 29.4 million after a ton of promotions on the Page.

Musicians, as usual, were also prominent on the list.

Rihanna was number 5 with 615,600 new Likes, 18.2 million total and four Grammy nominations. Then Eminem was twelfth with 551,600 new Likes and 23.1 million total without updating his Page. Shakira was at 15 with 517,500 new Likes; she’s on tour. Katy Perry recently appeared on an episode of “The Simpsons,” as well as a TV special for the military, and is performing and on tour; so, she added 407,500 LIkes to her 14.8 million. Finally, Usher, who’s on tour, added 406,000 Likes to pass 10 million fans.

Television shows and channels made up a significant portion of the list, too.

These included “SpongeBob SquarePants” at number 6 with 613,300 new Likes and 14.3 million total. Number 8 was “The Simpsons” with 592,300 new Likes to pass 16 million. Then there was MTV with 542,400 new Likes, 11.9 million total and a regular promotion of its programming. The Discovery Channel took sixteenth place with 497,600 new Likes to pass 1.4 million; there was a spike of 471,000 so it may have been a Page consolidation. Same with the number 17, ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas Page, which added 222,000 of its 441,000 new Likes in one day to pass 1 million fans. Of course, Christmas is also upon us, so some of the growth was probably due to the popularity of the holiday, too.

Finally there were a few food companies that made the list. Red Bull took the tenth spot with 557,700 new Likes to reach 13.8 million, mostly by sports-related promotions. Coca-Cola was fourteenth with 541,800 new Likes to pass 20 million Likes. Number 18 Oreo is still doing its “Fan of the week” promo and added 417,600 Likes to come to a total of 15.6 million.

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