Top 20 Gaining Facebook Pages: Zynga, Disney, Music, Converse, Jackass and More

Our list of Top 20 Gaining Facebook Pages this week includes an interesting mix of big brands, musicians and different media outlets. We compile this information with our PageData tool, which counts the number of Likes added to a Page each day. To make our Top 20 list this week it took between 405,000 and 973,400 Likes.

Top Gainers This Week

NameFansGain↓Gain, %
1.Texas Hold’em Poker26,978,491+973,440+3.74
7.The Simpsons12,195,975+583,197+5.02
8.Harry Potter6,036,140+571,132+10.45
9.Converse All Star8,702,266+559,355+6.87
14.SpongeBob SquarePants11,183,937+468,733+4.37
15.50 Cent5,716,379+463,074+8.81
16.Bob Marley13,999,520+439,296+3.24
17.Toy Story8,067,445+432,895+5.67
19.Adam Sandler10,251,156+417,663+4.25

Most of the big brands were at the top, starting with Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker. The Page added 973,440 Likes to grow to a total of 26.9 million. The Page continues to run all variety of promotions to get users playing more.

Disney came in at number 2 after adding 703,400 new Likes to its Page, which totals out at 10 million fans. Then the “Toy Story” Page came in at number 17 with 432,900 new Likes, pushing it past 8 million. This seems to be because the “Toy Story 3” movie was just released on DVD and Blu-Ray this week.

YouTube’s Page was third with 698,700 new Likes and a total of 19.4 million. Facebook’s Page was fourth with 652,000 new Likes, passing 25 million, after announcing a new Deals promotion and promoting voting in the U.S. elections. MTV’s Page came in at number 6 after its awards show over the weekend in Europe; the Page added 592,800 new Likes to its 8.4 million cache.

The Converse All Star Page was at number 9, adding 559,400 Likes to get to 8.7 million even as the Converse Page added 480,500 Likes to pass 7 million. It’s not really clear exactly why these Pages are growing so quickly. Finally, Coca-Cola was at number 11 with 548,200 new Likes and a total of 16.5 million; the company is promoting its infamous Christmas-themed adds on Facebook.

Musicians were not as popular on our list this week as usual, there were only a handful. Rihanna was fifth, with 606,700 new Likes totaling 13.7 on the Page. She recently appeared in the MTV Music Video Awards in Europe and is running a fan promoting on her Page. Eminem came in tenth, adding 552,300 new Likes to his 19.1 million without updating his Page. Then Usher came in at number 12 with 486,000 new Likes to pass 7 million; he’s promoting a tour that starts later this week on his Page. Rapper 50 Cent was 15 with 463,000 additions to the 5.7 total on his Page. Bob Marley’s Page added 439,300 new Likes to come in just under 14 million and Akon’s Page came in at number 18 with 431,900 new Likes to break 10.5 million by promoting his upcoming Australian tour.

Movies and TV rounded out the list.

At number 7 was “The Simpsons,” which added 583,200 Likes to pass 12.1 million; its much-anticipated Halloween episode aired over the weekend. Then at number 8 the “Harry Potter” franchise Page added 571,100 Likes to pass 6 million. Clips from the film are being released and the world premiere is set to stream live on Facebook.

The “SpongeBob SquarePants” Page added 468,700 Likes to its 11.1 million total to come in at number 14. Then at 19 was Adam Sandler’s Page, which for some reason since its last update at 2009, added 417,700 Likes to reach 10.2 million. Finally, the “Jackass” movie hit 4 million fans after adding 405,000 Likes after the recent release of its latest installment, which has been very popular at the box office.