Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages: Zynga, Music, Football, Call of Duty, Movies and TV

Pages related to games and football appeared on our list of Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages again this week. Our list is compiled by our PageData tool, which counts the number of Likes added to a Page each day. Additionally there were music, TV and movie Pages, as well as the Chuck Worldwide Page, which is the fan Page for Chupa Chups lollipops. Pages needed between 330,600 and 777,700 Likes to make the list this week.

Top Gainers This Week

NameFansGainGain, %
1.Chuck Worldwide1,068,302+777,741+267.67
2.Texas Hold’em Poker33,241,488+707,510+2.17
3.Black Eyed Peas10,088,128+601,989+6.35
4.Real Madrid C.F.7,587,431+584,381+8.34
5.Call of Duty: Black Ops4,189,015+582,100+16.14
7.Harry Potter15,399,303+489,015+3.28
11.Linkin Park20,934,417+401,457+1.96
12.Michael Jackson27,040,642+371,818+1.39
13.The Simpsons18,634,641+369,785+2.02
14.Cristiano Ronaldo18,149,536+369,065+2.08
16.Justin Bieber18,594,337+358,107+1.96
18.Lady Gaga26,544,340+345,602+1.32
19.Katy Perry16,925,282+331,630+2.00

First on the list was the Chuck Worldwide Page, which as mentioned, is a Page for Chupa Chups lollipops. It appears the Page’s presence on the list this week is mostly due to an official Page consolidation, as on Tuesday there was a spike of more than 770,000 Likes and the Page’s 777,700 Likes added last week pushed the Page past 1 million total fans.

Games’ Pages were also popular on the list this week. Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker made number two on the list with 707,500 new Likes in its 33.2 million arsenal of fans by promoting the game with specials. Number 5 on the list was the Call of Duty: Black Ops Facebook Page, which added 582,100 Likes to pass 4.1 million. This Page has been doing all sorts of promotion, including a landing Page urging visitors to Like the Page, view a video or receive exclusive information by following the game on Facebook. The game is even offering a 20% discount coupon on Facebook and made an event out of the release of additional game-related items.

As mentioned, football (soccer) was also on our list again this week. Real Madrid C.F.’s Page made fourth place after adding 584,400 Likes to its 7.5 million total; although the Page experienced a huge potential Page consolidation on Wednesday, adding 553,600 Likes in one day. The team’s star football player Cristiano Ronaldo also made the list at number 14 with 369,000 new Likes to pass 18 million. Ronaldo’s Page has become increasingly good at fan engagement, for example this week he asked fans to share photos and videos of his most recent game.

Most of the rest of the list consisted of musicians.

The Black Eyed Peas were in third place after gaining 602,000 new fans to pass 10 million; the Page promoted recent award nominations. Rihanna’s Page took sixth place with 530,800 new Likes and a 21.5 million total; she appeared in Vanity Fair magazine this week and was nominated for several awards. Shakira’s Page was number 8 on the list with 472,200 new Likes to total 18.6 million; she’s touring and has been nominated for music awards as well.

Eminem’s Page took tenth place after adding 433,300 new Likes to add to 25.8 million. Linkin Park added 401,500 to take eleventh place and come in just under 21 million total fans. The band has been doing interesting promotions for its new tour, including a landing page advertising free downloads, tour tickets and their latest single. Michael Jackson’s Page was next at 12 with 371,800 new Likes to move past 27 million fans. Akon’s Page was at number 15 after the addition of 362,400 new Likes; the Page now sports 15.1 million Likes after he launched an iPhone app and a Lamborghini giveaway.