Super-Injunctions, Twitter In The Office And Amazing New Stats: Top 10 Twitter Stories Of The Week

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten stories of the week, which includes Twitter-only reporters, how Twitter is banned in the office by almost half of all British employers, some amazing new stats from Twitter itself, news about a Twitter phone from Japan, and the little matter of several celebrity high court gagging orders leaked right onto Twitter itself.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week:

1. Oh, The Scandal! Twitter User Blows Whistle On Alleged Celebrity Sexploits

Last month, BBC presenter and journalist Andrew Marr revealed that he took out a court-ordered super-injunction to suppress reports of an extra-marital affair to protect his family’s privacy. Now, a new and anonymous account on Twitter has decided to take matters into its own hands and leak details on a number of these injunctions to all and sundry.

(Also see the follow-up post to this here.)

2. 48% Of British Companies Have Banned Twitter At Work

A new survey of 2,500 British employers has revealed the impact the social media channels have made on businesses in the UK, although possibly not in the productive way you might think.

3. 42 Facts About Twitter [Infographic]

If you want to know anything and everything about Twitter and its users, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got an infographic that covers 42 facts about Twitter, from how it compares to Facebook to how many Twitter users are women to how many followers the average Twitter user has.

4. Twitter: 900,000 Apps, 600,000 Developers And 13 Billion API Requests Per Day [STATS]

Twitter’s #devnest conference began in San Francisco yesterday, and the company has shared some pretty amazing stats that reveal just how large the Twitter ecosystem has become, how rapidly the platform continues to expand and the vast impact being made by independent developers around the world.

5. Will We See Twitter-Only Reporters Soon?

What if we had Twitter-specific roles for traditional reporters? People whose sole task it would be to monitor Twitter for breaking soccer-related news, interact with soccer fans, and write tweets about soccer – all for a larger news organization. I guess this begs the question that everyone seems to want to answer lately: is Twitter journalism?

6. 5 Scientifically Sound Ways To Get More Twitter Followers [Infographic]

Twitter isn’t a science – it’s an art. It’s the art of the conversation, the art of a professional veneer with a personal touch. But still, there are plenty of measurables on Twitter, not the least of which is follower count. If you’re looking to increase your Twitter followers (as even those who say follower count doesn’t matter usually are), check out this infographic that shows five thoroughly researched ways for getting more followers.

7. Would You Buy A Twitter Phone?

Leave it to Japan – the first country that Twitter offered language support to and tweet-obsessed from the beginning – to be the first to push out a Twitter phone.

8. Want More Retweets? 10 Quick Twitter Tips To Make Your Content Go Viral

Retweets are the backbone of the Twitter network. Thanks to the ripple effect, a retweet allows any user’s message to be seen by any and everybody. This isn’t hyperbole – it’s a literal statement. All those interlocking micro-communities mean that everyone is connected to everybody else. But, it takes effort. You can’t just put any old garbage out there and expect your network to lap it up. You need to do the work.

9. With Their New ‘People’ Tab, Is Twitter About To Start Categorizing Users?

Twitter has made some cosmetic alterations to the profile pages of users, adding new buttons and making some adjustments to copy. They’ve also tweaked the pages that show the people we’re following. Which has made us wonder: is Twitter about to change the way users are managed on the network?

10. 3 Essential Twitter Features You Might Be Missing Out On

Twitter takes some getting used to, but once you’ve trained yourself to stick within the 140-character limit and you understand an @mention and a retweet, you can navigate it pretty well. However, in order to get the most out of Twitter, you’ve got to go beyond your comfort zone a bit and experiment with some of the advanced – but essential – features the pros use. Here are three that you should know… but might not.

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